Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This outfit is what i wore last Sunday, I did nothing special but I was very proud of this outfit because I have finally incorporated high heeled shoes into normal everyday outfits! This is just a small step for me but a big leap for my style! I <3 SHOES yay xx. You see, I am only twelve and I'm probably quite young to be wearing high heeled shoes just normally, thank the heavens my mum is relaxed about my style, but anyway let us get on with this post sister Thilde (I'm in a bit of a random mood.)

               ^ me looking oh so not cool
                 ^ and again in this one
                  ^ oh the shame he he he
           ^ these are some of my favoured brooches, the top blue one is from Russia
              the orange one is labled in an other post and its from the bluecoat in
               Liverpool and the one with a face on is david bowie, my mum got it from
              his concert that she went to and its also the cover of Hunky Dory, one of
                                                            his albums.
       ^ this big chunky necklace is also from another post and is my sisters from
              ^ this watch is my mums and its vintage, she got it about twenty years ago in
                ^ these earrings are also vintage and also my mums from this big basket of
                                              jewellry she gave me
                ^ last but not least the shoes and socks are from Primark and are both mine.

Pink jumper- my sisters and from H&M
Jeans- T K max
Blouse- charity shop
Belt- Primark


  1. haha you look so cute on these pictures :)
    and we all loveee primark, right? :)

  2. i no its just tha best i mean you can go in buy like three accsesories- i cant spell he he- and come out looking like your wearing a totally new outfit all for under a tena yay for primark ! :)

  3. you have a very nice blog, how old are you?
    you look soo young!

    i followed you back! <3

  4. love your shoes, dear ^__^

    thanks so much for your comment and for following my blog!

    have a lovely night!

  5. I love your watch!

    With love,

    p.s.: i'm following you now ;-)

  6. that is such a cool and funky watch! =)


  7. Love your watch, but the rest of the outfit is cute too! x

  8. hi lovely! how´s everything going?
    thanks for the comment ^___^ i´m glad you like it!
    i made the header using the code on this page. you just have to add the images you want to display and set the duration and the speed of the slideshow :)

    merry christmas, dear!

  9. I love your style sweet beet. Keep showing the world everything you got!

  10. you really have your own style :) i like it.