Monday, 15 November 2010

That Christmas Feeling

Ahhhh Christmas. You know that its in the air when everyones board in P.E so they start singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland instead of cheering for their unfortunate team-mates that have been made to play hand ball, and then your fat P.E teacher ( what is the deal with fat P.E teachers, you'd think that they would be thin) notices and puts you all on a detention because you go to a jewish school.

                Winter Wonderland made me think of the Chanel  A/W collection
      And then when i was looking at the Chanel pics on the website this absolutely
     goregus ice-cube bag came up, is't it just the cutest most winteriest bag that you
      ever layed your lucky eyes on, and it's such a simple idea I bet theres about a
        million people out there right now thinking- 'why didn't I think of that ??', and
       if you are one of those people I completely agree with you, but I'm not sure
     that we could sue because, one- theres probably too many of us to count and two
      I don't think that I thought of it first would count as valid evidence in court, trust
      me I've tried that one before and I can tell you now, not a good idea. Anyways I
       thought that I might as well have a go at the wintery outfits, sorry i don't have a
                good camera or a background that looks remotely like ice or snow. . .
                                        the blue wall will have to do instead


                            ^ these pictures are special, I managed to find an
                                  app that made me look like I was in Narnia!
                        I have many shirts on but one is from my mums
                        college one is a hand-me-down and one was
                        from a second-hand shop. slip/dress is my mums.
                      shoes, are my sisters from h&m fur coat is vintage
                       belt was from a charity shop (second-hand shop)

                  the silver eye shadow has been in my draw for ages but
                 I've never used it and i thought that this could be my
                 chance since it sort of goes with the Narnia theme.
please do tell your christmassie feelings or if you are a different religion please tell about what holiday you celebrate around the christmas period or a holiday that is like your christmas

Yours Faithfully

Thilde xx

P.S        I welcome all comments, thank you and hope to hear from you all soon xx


  1. haha, you look so adorable on that snowbackground picture! and i too really liked that chanel show, it was fabulous, right?