Friday, 23 December 2011

What I Wore For The Last Two Months

I'm sorry (no excuses.)
Well I do have one (apart from the usual; procrastination and the fact that I'm easily distracted) which is that although I have not posted anything that is partly due to the fact that I have only just found the lead that connects my camera to my computer *happy face* commence post.

 Since it was only the lead that I lost I have slowly built up a collection of 'what I'm wearing' posts on my camera and these are my favorites:

green jumper/top+ black elastic and leather leggings-H&M, pink jumper- Zara, shirtdress- River Island, grey top- Agnis B Paris, cat eye sunglasses- Resurrection, mustard jumper- Topshop, blue jeans- Gap 
And some random things:

left- my sister got a beautiful   coat in zara

right- I got a second piercing 

bottom- self-explanatory
and .  .   .
since I know for sure this is my last post before christmas

Monday, 10 October 2011


sorry for the lack of posting, promise to improve xx 
But mostly thank you to all my s'wonderful new followers 
(can you tell I watched funny face recently?) 

footnote: am I the only one saying TGIA? (thank god its autumn)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I made a fort, sat in it, thought how terrible i am for not posting and drank lots of tea

The above is all true and it's made even worse by the fact it's my last day of freedom before i have to start school and my GCSE's (it feels really weird saying that because people have been banging on about them for years and now they've finally come and .  .  . yeah .  .  . weird.)
Well anyways you have missed loads (because I couldn't be bothered to post it) but firstly it was my birthday on the 21st of august and now I have an excuse for being grumpy/lazy as it was my 13th. I mostly got money but mum bought me the best jumper for a/w annnnnnnnd miu miu 2010 s/s SHOES!!!!!!!!! ok they are ebay copies but honestly I couldn't be less bothered by that fact! Also there not exactly the most iconic shoes in that collection but there my favorites!!! I also got Submarine (it's a movie if you haven't heard cos its not too main-stream) but main-stream or not it is so funny and bitter sweet and subtlety romantic I love it too much and highly recommend you watch it (plus it's directed by Moss from the IT Crowd.)
And then the day after my birthday I was an extra on Hit and Miss a new TV series starring Chloe Sevigny, I was there because my mums one of the costume designers on it and the director let me act. I ran in to Miss Sevigny on the costume bus and she said she liked my outfit, how nice is that?? Really annoyed I didn't ask for her signature though oh well .   .   .

                                                                                                     my birthday shoes 
It looks like I have really bad bags but actually I wrote under my eyes                                                                                                                                                  

you can't actually see here which is crap but it says bored (out of boredom)
and un-p.c because, well, erm I'm .  .   . un-p.c?
I didn't do the hair swish on purpose but thought it looked          
pretty good. Also I changed my shoes to fit in the frame and
because I really love these shoes and they go with my outfit 
but I can't wear them for more that 2 minuets else I cant 
                                                                                        walk (they are 3's and I'm a 4)
miu miu look-a-likes -ebay/ jumper- Gap men/ trousers- H&M/ school socks/ kitten heels- Next 

Friday, 5 August 2011


Ok don't ask about the bath, it's the lightest place in my nan's house and this was the last chance I got to to take these before I went to wales (I'm writing this in the hotel) .    .    .

told you it was random and the hand 
is because it looks like one of those crime scene 
horror movie things 

the whole phone bath tub thing is because I felt 
like it,
got a problem with that??

sleeveless top and jeans - Urban Outfitters/denim shirt- Primark/ belt- some random one in my house/ ring- Picasso exhibition at the Tate

Friday, 22 July 2011

England's Failed Attempt at Summer

 Well I broke up for summer (even though it feels more like early Autumn) on Tuesday and today is the day that everyone abandons me for a sunnier place (sad face) because England's summers are so crap. So far I have spent  summer window shopping  and living off lattes (in true fashionista style) and I bought some thing yesterday and thought I'd show you .   .    . (I swear I'm not obsessed with the colour green it just (deliberation) worked out like that.

Have a lovely start-of-summer everyone
cardigan (worn as top)- H&M/ jeans- TK Maxx/ shoes (dunlop "green flash" tennis shoes)-  Sports Direct/ belt- Primark

Friday, 1 July 2011


Last thursday me, my dad and my sister went to a movie about Ayrton Senna  the famous formula 1 racing driver this is what I wore, also I got new flatform type shoes .  .   .

skirt- zara
jacket- my sisters
white shirt- gap
my shoes- ordered off ebay
black shoes - (my sisters again)- urban outfitters

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lazy Sundays (i know its not sunday but. . .)

.  .   . I'm lazy and am only just posting what I should of had posted two days ago. And as the icing on the cake I have no excuse for my leave of absence for over a month (I can't remember when I haven't said at the start of a post, whoops)
Well this is what is taking over my brain compassity at the moment  .    .    .

                                       I wore this on Sunday, I thought it was comfy but posted it because 
                                         of the funny looks I got he he (I did have shorts+ tights as well)
                                       jumper- gap| rain coat- somewhere in Scotland| scarf- gap| boots-
                                                                                        Jones boot makers
                                         Auntie Madge's vintage stuff- real snake skin clutch real fur collar and 
                                                                                              real leather gloves
                                                 And now on to my shoe obsession:         
my sister's Dr Martains

I know some of them are weird but I'm a bit weird too so deal with it x

As you might have noticed I am also obsessed with flatforms

And some of my wish list for ss .   .    .

Also , I want a parka JUST because of this  .   .   .

I <3 Karlie Kloss and am a 
DIOR addict 

happy shavuot  everyone x


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Okay I am such a crappy blogger  it's really untrue and also I have no excuse this time (except for dawdling and procrastinating) for MORE than a MONTHS absence! Terrible I hear you say, well err yeah, pretty much. Well nothing to do now but on with the post .  .  .
Yesterday I took these pictures some of my favorite outfits that I have worn over the spring half term and all the books I have been reading lately annnnnnd the music that has sort of made my holidays .  .  .
                                       from top to bottom; walls notebook (okay not actually a book but),
                                       sock and glove by Miyako Kanamori, The Book Thief by Markus 
                                        Zusak, Italian Vogue may 2011 (for good measure), 50 Designers 
                                      You Should Know by Simone Werle, Harry Potter and the Deathly 
                                       Hallows by J.K. Rowling and A History of Couture (dunno who it's
                                                          I'm sitting on a big stack of vogue's from the 
                                                          early 80's and late 70's 
                                                     Yeah you can just ignore my weird posture 
                                                         I actually didn't realise how grumpy I look in 
                                                         all of these hehe 
                                              ooh close up
                                                    I didn't know that her face looked like it was mine
                                               The pictures next to me are of my mum in a mock-up of
                                                Tatler but I don't know who the other one is of (this is 
                                               when I get a load of comments like, "omg, how could you 
                                                not know who so and so, she is the most influential women of
                                              the 2oth  century !?) 
                                                            I just wanted to add this in (vintage tatler)

                                                                 yep,  I'm the crazy dog lady that lives
                                                                 in the old secluded mansion at the end 
                                                                              of your street

                                                            the big stack of vintage vogues
you couldn't actually see this but it was there it's 
from the gift shop at the passport place in russia
 how many pictures of these shoes do I need 
(apparently a lot)
I doodled in the walls note book
(the G-star raw adverts look much better now)

I was too proud of the hand I drew
                                                         Sorry I just really wanted to do this with 
                                                         the woody allen autobiography

                                                The costumes in this video are absolutely amazing
                                            you can actually buy this song on itunes 
                                            and there is tons of him doing this live but 
                                           this was the only one with sound quality

                                          it was made in the 1960's and I'm not even
                                          sure if they had color T.V then 
                                        so these are all pretty happy songs, but now it gets a bit
                                                     rocky/gothy/puncky (don't know what the correct 'term' 
                                                     is really)
                                                       this was the best quality I could get . . . sorry
yep so that was exhausting and if you've read this far then thanks oh yeah and also does anyone know how to get up music without having to get a video from youtube because this took forever,
hope you all enjoy the rest of your week 
oh and I almost forgot .     .     .        

what type of Englander would I be if I didn't mention
THE ROYAL WEDDING?                    
Kate's dress (as you all know) was designed by Sarah Burton
kates dress is truly stunning and looks a lot like grace kellys
did anyone see will whisper to kate that she looked beautiful?

they are so sweet together and are properly in love and 
it's not arranged like diana and charles
(only just got to grips with who's who 
in the royal family)
oh and on one last note beatrice
vs eugenie  .   .   .
erm the one in nude 
(I've forgot which ones which)

love thilde