Friday, 23 December 2011

What I Wore For The Last Two Months

I'm sorry (no excuses.)
Well I do have one (apart from the usual; procrastination and the fact that I'm easily distracted) which is that although I have not posted anything that is partly due to the fact that I have only just found the lead that connects my camera to my computer *happy face* commence post.

 Since it was only the lead that I lost I have slowly built up a collection of 'what I'm wearing' posts on my camera and these are my favorites:

green jumper/top+ black elastic and leather leggings-H&M, pink jumper- Zara, shirtdress- River Island, grey top- Agnis B Paris, cat eye sunglasses- Resurrection, mustard jumper- Topshop, blue jeans- Gap 
And some random things:

left- my sister got a beautiful   coat in zara

right- I got a second piercing 

bottom- self-explanatory
and .  .   .
since I know for sure this is my last post before christmas