Monday, 3 January 2011


Hello all! Happy new year :)! I truly am the worst this time i feel so so bad, I can't believe that I haven't posted for over a month! So now I am following in Ugly Betty's footsteps and I'm going to post again. And now raising my hand to my heart i here by swear to post at least every 2 weeks, I think that it shall be quite easy, for the only thing that stopped me from posting last time was the holiday season. Speaking of which everybody can expect a big christmas gift post from me using my new camera :) !

Well enough with the boring stuff, I've got so much to post but I don't know how to post it so I'm just going to start with this magazine that I discovered. I got the 3rd issue that has ever come out and I LOVE IT! It is very arty farty (if you'll pardon my french) well lets just say that it is like I-D and the type of magazines that very open- minded, you know

the type, and sort of, well, hippyish. It's the kind of thing my sisters friends would be caught reading ( they are almost all veggies and very 'indie-pop' types and they go to tree hugging camps and are all sort of grungy and would rebel against their parents if they had the guts . . . typical 15 year old girls!) Of course my sister is all those things (except veggie) and don't get me wrong, I like them very much and I also like this magazine a lot as well. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it isn't for just any old chav that is filled with naive optomism and dreams of becoming a fashion designer and think that if they follow the trends that everyone else has done before them that they'll have it all handed to them on a silver platter without even being able to sew. I know that sounds like only a few, but trust me , every other girl aged 10 or above in liverpool is like that. Enough with the rant and back onto the magazine . . . now that you know what genre of people it's aimed at, I can tell you what its called but I'm sure all the smart ones have worked out from the picture that it is in fact called PIGEONS & PEACOCKS. It says on the cover Fashion. Thought. Human. Interest. Story. I'm not so sure what that means but I'm almost certain that it is the meaning of the magazine or, if you will, the theme It has 
lots of lovely spreads all vague and out of focus, vintage- looking, like having the models and the clothes over to one side and them not quite being the centre of attention, I LIKE IT! One of the down sides though is that it doesn't advertise where all the clothes are from, well actually I suppose that this can also be a good side, like they're not selling out to the corporate 'man' (anybody seen 'School of Rock'?) Another split side is that they don't have adverts. Now this is so cool that SOMEONE has FINALLY taken a stand against the media, but it is also a down side because the lovely pink card and nicely presented spreads are too pretty to cut up and use as magazine clippings. Its not as if iI can cut up the adverts is it? This trail of thoughts also reminds me to tell you that this magazine is not one of those glossy rags it doesn't have any celebrity gossip but more cultured things like a tour of london east-side (this sounds really boring but its not, its more like the culture and the things that inspired the dress code and what cultured individuals lived here when they where little, (notice how I used the word cultured maybe a bit too much in that sentence?) All in all it is obvious that I like this magazine and that it makes me feel just a little bit too grown up that I own a cultured magazine (again with the cultured.) And to conclude I would like to say that I think you should buy this  magazine and I also think that YOU WILL LIKE IT! 
all pictures where from my issue of pigeons & peacocks           


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