Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I made a fort, sat in it, thought how terrible i am for not posting and drank lots of tea

The above is all true and it's made even worse by the fact it's my last day of freedom before i have to start school and my GCSE's (it feels really weird saying that because people have been banging on about them for years and now they've finally come and .  .  . yeah .  .  . weird.)
Well anyways you have missed loads (because I couldn't be bothered to post it) but firstly it was my birthday on the 21st of august and now I have an excuse for being grumpy/lazy as it was my 13th. I mostly got money but mum bought me the best jumper for a/w annnnnnnnd miu miu 2010 s/s SHOES!!!!!!!!! ok they are ebay copies but honestly I couldn't be less bothered by that fact! Also there not exactly the most iconic shoes in that collection but there my favorites!!! I also got Submarine (it's a movie if you haven't heard cos its not too main-stream) but main-stream or not it is so funny and bitter sweet and subtlety romantic I love it too much and highly recommend you watch it (plus it's directed by Moss from the IT Crowd.)
And then the day after my birthday I was an extra on Hit and Miss a new TV series starring Chloe Sevigny, I was there because my mums one of the costume designers on it and the director let me act. I ran in to Miss Sevigny on the costume bus and she said she liked my outfit, how nice is that?? Really annoyed I didn't ask for her signature though oh well .   .   .

                                                                                                     my birthday shoes 
It looks like I have really bad bags but actually I wrote under my eyes                                                                                                                                                  

you can't actually see here which is crap but it says bored (out of boredom)
and un-p.c because, well, erm I'm .  .   . un-p.c?
I didn't do the hair swish on purpose but thought it looked          
pretty good. Also I changed my shoes to fit in the frame and
because I really love these shoes and they go with my outfit 
but I can't wear them for more that 2 minuets else I cant 
                                                                                        walk (they are 3's and I'm a 4)
miu miu look-a-likes -ebay/ jumper- Gap men/ trousers- H&M/ school socks/ kitten heels- Next