Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quirky Colours

I know, I know,  I'm so terrible I haven't posted for days but I suppose I should just get on with this post anyway. The other day I was feeling colourful, and a bit bored, so i took some photos but I really couldn't be bothered to sort out a full outfit so this is just accessories . . .  
sorry about the mess that is my hair blah 
the big gold and black one on the bottom I nicked from my sister, (in my cutest voice) "thank you Georgi :)", and its from Primark and the top one is my mums (the chunky gold band)  from this woven basket with all her old jewellry from the eighties.
this pretty venetian mask is my sisters, which again I borrowed but she found out about this and shouted at me, this was a gift for her from my auntie joan on her travels. 
with these brooches I couldn't pick one of them so I paired them together, the orange one with buttons is mine and i bought it from the blue coat, in liverpool, and the sparkly one at the back is my auntie Madge's.
this is a big piece of ribbon I found in my house.
 a random piece of material that i scrunched up and put in my hair  
I'm so sorry but I really wanted to put that bow from before on my head, it is cleverly balanced by a hair pin. 


  1. Very nice blog!
    Could you read it well with the translate function?

  2. yes it was really easy to read but because it was a perfect translate it translated it word for word so some of it didn't make sense but you could work out what it said xx thanx for posting

  3. What a sweet bow in your hair! ;-)

    With love,