Friday, 11 March 2011

Cecilia Cassini?

I recently discovered the amazingly annoying American tween that IS Cecilia Cassini, and i just wanted to know what you thought of her, love or hate? 
I personally hate her and it's not just because that I might just be a little bit jealous of her, it's because she is just so damn annoying!
She's obviously talented and good at what she does but doesn't she just get on your nerves?
So please before you make your mind up about her take a look at this clip .   .    .   .

Well?  Isn't she just too cliche?
Isn't she just the younger version of the annoying American attention seeker/ show off in EVERY chick- flick film ?!
Isn't she the mean girl in the making Regina George (Rachel McAdams?)
Please comment and tell me your views on her xx


  1. hihi and do you already know a outfit?

  2. Haha, thanks for your comment! I know exactly what you mean! xx

  3. i cant decide if i love or hate her yet

    stop by sometime<3

  4. i understand your despise!

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  5. she seems a brat :/ I think every young artistic girl has the talent to create and design fashion, most don't have the resources though so I don't think it's worth celebrating her just yet

  6. Thanks for your comment!
    Well, it isn't really a book about them. But they interview allot of people they think are inspiring! and in the end of the book they write a few pages about their own live. But it's really a beautiful book! xxxx

  7. hi lovely!
    thanks so so much for your comment, it´s made my day! ^__^ you´re so sweet.

    hope your days are being beautiful <3

    good night!

  8. i completely agree i don't know how i managed to listen to her for so long!!! x

  9. the two minutes of this video proved too much for me, i'm in shock. it's admirable that she's managed to make a name for herself at such a young age, but she's a perfect example of somebody who has achieved success before learning what it is to be modest! it's really patronising hearing her talk as if she's an adult x

  10. Talented? Have you seen her desinghs? I when to her site, I even looked her up in Google images, and I can freely say I haven't seen talent at all. Not even a spark. Some here I found a comment of someone from her class saying how meen she is to others. So yes I do hate her!