Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Little Girls

WOW! This must be the like fifth new years resolution that I have broken, sorry about that, oh well i won't bore you with my apologies, so lets carry on . . . Recently I realized something . . . I'm just a little kid. I know, it"s not that great of an epiphany but when i had it I was dancing in a fancy night club in a gorgeous yet ridiculous dress and high heeled wedges that doubled my size (before you panic I was at someones bah mitzvah.) Well any way I was sat there feeling oh so grown-up, and then someone passed out in the bath room, from too much drink, and suddenly I felt little, with my cup of juice in hand, stuffing down a million slices of tiny  heaven (a.k.a a mini cupcake.) So I feel like enhancing my epiphany of a little girl and have dug out my old tutu from my mile deep dressing up box and have paired it with some wacky yet totally cool clothes that wouldn't go if I wasn't wearing a tutu over the top. so here it is  .   .   .    .   .
                                                                    the flower headband was homemade xx
                                             the Paris is actually my little brothers but I have adopted it as my own
                                              the one problem being that he doesn't know it yet :D It is from Paris
                                               as well but I cannot tell you where in Paris as I was stuck at home 
                                               when my mum went! :( I found the cute Indian looking brooch on
                                                   the floor in the school corridor, finders keepers losers weepers! 
                                                        I look silly and unintentionally pouty, if I'm quite honest!
                                                               Let me introduce you to my cute little models! 
                                                      Yes in true little girl style I have actually dressed up my pets!

                                              This is Johnny Jumble, or JJ for short, sporting some fashionable 
                                                                   cat ears from A LOT of Halloween's ago.
                                                          And this is Mr. Oll or Olly, do you like his party trick? 
                                                           We see here that Mr. Oll has a pair of unusual fairy 
                                                         wings from my dressing up box ( we weren't normal kids
                                                         and didn't have many fairy wings, these where the only ones        I could find) and this lovely tiara, that's half broke, 
                                                                    was from a panto that I went to see xx     
                                                                The wand is from the same panto as the tiara and 
                                                                           everything else is the same .   .    .    .     .    .
                                                            Me wearing the wings ( I would have worn them for all
                                                          the pics but they are made for like 5 year olds . . . MAX! 
                                                                          And because of this they really rub!)

                                                             These are the shoes I have been wearing the whole 
                                                        time, you just couldn't see them well, they are from the
                                                               bottomless pit that is my dressing up box! But I  
                                                              think that they where originally my aunties.                             

                                               us three looking completely board in my new bow.

                                                                bow in close up 
                                                   (okay I've run out of things to say so I'm just stating the obvious) 

on another note  .  .  .
          For all your Liverpool Chav styles, Fashiony Tips and Latest Trends
          I have now created a Liverpool Fashion Link on this blog so please
          go on and have a look whether it's to skit some Tangoed Chav or 
          take some Style Tips from Liverpool's Finest. You can also look forward 
          to some first hand photo's, but don't expect  much because it will 
          take me forever to pluck up the courage to ask someone! hehehehehehe.     


  1. "million slices of heaven" LOL, Amen to THAT! I'm at starbucks and am now going to go and buy ANOTHER cupcake, because they're so good, hehe.

    Your photos are so cute. I really like your blog, it doesn't seem like you're trying to impress or be someone you're not. You're really just having fun with it. Very cool.

    I love the Paris shirt, and your dogs are adorable!

  2. oh this post is too adorable for words! i love the headband and i love terriers! (they are terriers right? my dog breed knowledge is limited hehe, anyways, they're cute!)

  3. aww your little models are so cute!! just like fairies ♥

    you don´t have to worry about growing up,you´ll have enough time for that :) and then you´ll miss those times when you could play and feel like a fairy (and have less worries too!).
    just enjoy it! ;)

    have a beautiful week m´dear!

  4. Cute cute cute, girl!

    With love, Kirsten

  5. I followed back, thanks for your sweet comment. I love these photos. xx

  6. Awesome blog... Ha ha - the dogs are so cute! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  7. Hi,

    oh thankyou! (:
    I don't know if there's a vero moda in liverpool
    probably not ):
    but I'm sure that there will be a shop in liverpool where you can get those shorts

    good luck!


  8. I know! Why are designer clothing so expensive! xx

  9. aaah you look so cute :) and i really like that headband! it looks amazing! :D
    this idea of yours was so cool :P everyone should dress up like a little kid haha :)

  10. I like this Paris shirt.
    Dogs are so sweet.
    They're the true models, haha :)