Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Flashes of Style

Hello all, sorry about another filler that I am doing and promise that I'll get straight back to outfit posts after this, since I like them the most.
Well I have been hearing about this blog flashes of style for ages now and finally decided to check it and decided that it is one of my new favorite blogs along side the likes of style rookie and style bubble (note: should of called my blog something with 'style' in the title since it's worked out so well for them.)
Bonnie Barton is the author/ founder/ whatever you want to call it and she has the most gorgeous style ever I think.
It is very preppy and stylish and vintage all at the same time and like me we also share a love for big chunky wedges.
Her blog is a really easy read as well.
The only downside is that she doesn't have a blog archive, and if she doesn't I haven't found it yet, and I always love looking right at their very first posts and reading upwards ( I know weird right?)




all pictures are from flashes of style
want to see more?
go to the link above xx


  1. ohnooo ): can't see the pics!

  2. me either ):

    but thanks for your comment girlie <'3

  3. ooo the pics aren't working :[


  4. I love with flashes of style! I've been reading her blog for a long time :)

  5. Ah the last one is really fun!
    thank you my interview was good.

  6. she has got great style! I'm going to have to lay of the choc raisins for a while after find my weight out today :| hehe

  7. Thankyou!

    and this pictures are cute

    love sanne

  8. love bonnie's blog! she's so lovely as well, really good blogger x