Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lazy Sundays (i know its not sunday but. . .)

.  .   . I'm lazy and am only just posting what I should of had posted two days ago. And as the icing on the cake I have no excuse for my leave of absence for over a month (I can't remember when I haven't said at the start of a post, whoops)
Well this is what is taking over my brain compassity at the moment  .    .    .

                                       I wore this on Sunday, I thought it was comfy but posted it because 
                                         of the funny looks I got he he (I did have shorts+ tights as well)
                                       jumper- gap| rain coat- somewhere in Scotland| scarf- gap| boots-
                                                                                        Jones boot makers
                                         Auntie Madge's vintage stuff- real snake skin clutch real fur collar and 
                                                                                              real leather gloves
                                                 And now on to my shoe obsession:         
my sister's Dr Martains

I know some of them are weird but I'm a bit weird too so deal with it x

As you might have noticed I am also obsessed with flatforms

And some of my wish list for ss .   .    .

Also , I want a parka JUST because of this  .   .   .

I <3 Karlie Kloss and am a 
DIOR addict 

happy shavuot  everyone x


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  1. lovely selection those platforms are amazing!

    I used regular cleaning bleach on my T shirt- it always comes out orange on black, but the longer you leave it the lighter it'll fade (be careful, leave it too long and it'll burn holes) I hand washed the bleach out :)